Company Profile

HI-TOOL is a Japanese manufacturing company and located in Osaka Japan. We specialize in Powerline Stringing Equipment Tool (Cable Installation Tool) manufacturing. We were established in 2009. HI-TOOL is a new name in this industry. But Haru Nagaki, the founder of HI-TOOL, has been working in this field for more than 30 years. In that time, we have learned to make high quality tools. Now we are committed to making a new kind of cable installation tool and dynamometer with the latest technology.

HI-TOOL products are manufactured to the highest standard in Japan and feature many improvements over existing tools.

Come along Clamps/
HI-TOOL comealongs, also called wire grips are lightweight and have a wider conductor range than similar products currently available.
Major improvements include a swing-down safety latch on all models, patented trigger-grip operation (on most models) which makes it easy to place the grip on cables with one hand, and patented twist-grip on larger models to prevent distortion of the cable.
All grips feature convenient sized and special shaped pulling eyes to suit all brands of strap puller, and the gripping jaws are produced with new technology to increase jaw life.
Come along Clamps/
HI-TOOL web strap pullers are the lightest on the market today.
They feature insulated super-strength 32mm wide web straps, insulated fiberglass handles and a special handle neck that will bend if the unit is overloaded to prevent damage to the puller and injury to the operator.
Come along Clamps/
HI-TOOL Dynamometers feature lightweight, compact and rugged construction.
Both pulling eyes rotate 360 degrees for maximum versatility. Available in capacities from 5 to 100kn, all models have available optional screw-on face with protection bars and an optional maximum reading indicator pointer kit.
All dynamometers are serial numbered and come supplied in a heavy duty fabric carry case with calibration certificate.

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