Wire Grips /Come Along Clamps

  • HI-TOOL wire and cable grips are the lightest and most versatile grips available.
  • Most models features patented One-Hand Operation "Trigger Grip" for ease of placement.
  • Patented "Twist-Grip" on larger models to prevent distortion of the cable
  • Convenient sized and special shaped pulling eyes to suit all brands of wire and strap hoists.
  • All gripping jaws are produced with new technology to increase jaw life.
  • Grips are designed to be used over a wider range of cable diameters.


  • Compact, lightweight, rugged construction.
  • Designed for line work.
  • Accepts harsh field conditions(cold&heat)
  • Graduated in kilonewtons (kN).
  • Accuracy +/- 3% Full Scales
  • Both pulling eyes rotate 360 degrees.
  • Optional maximum reading indicator pointer kit available for easy installation.
  • Optional easily installed screw-on face with twin steel protective bars also available.
  • Each tool is serial numbered and supplied in a heavy duty fabric case with calibration certificate.
  • Available in sizes 5kN up to 100kN.

Web Strap Pullers (Ratchet Pullers)

  • Lightest strap puller on the market today with insulated super strength 32mm wide web strap.
  • Handle neck will bend if unit is overloaded.
  • Insulated Fiberglass handle.
  • 1.5T Capacity.

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